Within the aviation industry, we hold regular meetings to review the performance of candidates that have undergone an assessment examination with us.

Thanks to the feedback provided by our clients at these meetings, we can monitor the accuracy of the predictions made based on our assessment results. What problems and pitfalls did the new employee or student confront, and did they manage to deal with these in an effective way?

We thus keep a sharp eye on where the greatest risks lie and which competencies are most crucial for success in a particular job or training programme. We can subsequently expand or revise the selection criteria and assessment techniques if needed.

The selection process is thus a dynamic one in which we provide, together with the client, a progressively more targeted service. 

To this end, we also make use of statistical research. Our psychologists conduct regular statistical analyses of the assessment results. From these data, objective conclusions can be drawn on:

  • the predictive value of the assessment tools used
  • establishment of appropriate selection standards
  • target groups that, due to age, prior education, school subjects, etc., are more successful or less so; this is also important for successful recruitment strategies

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