In principle, it is not possible to prepare for a psychological examination or assessment center. The tools that we employ draw for the most part on abilities and capacities, putting less emphasis on (book) knowledge.  For that reason, an IAP examination cannot be compared with a school test or exam. 

Nonetheless, we do advise candidates to get a good night’s sleep beforehand. If a candidate is experiencing health problems or stressful circumstances, we advise them to reschedule. This is important, because we do not offer a re-exam if, at the end of the test day, the results turn out to be disappointing.

We expect candidates to be as much themselves as possible during the examination. People who, on the day of the examination, adopt what they perceive to be a socially desired behaviour pattern tend to end up in a difficult position. They usually leave an impression of instability. 

On the day of the examination, we ask candidates to hand in a personal biography or curriculum vitae, as well as copies of any relevant diplomas (including a passport photograph).

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